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Semiconductor Parts

Our Mission

M.E.C.’s mission is to be your partner for all consumable and replacement parts in the wafer fab and back end test area. We have the in-house capability to improve the performance and reduce the cost of any component or assembly. We pledge to deliver quality parts on time, with service second to none.

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Our Business

We offer semiconductor fabs a quality alternative to the consumable parts supplied by the OEM. M.E.C. is focusing on improving and lifetime extension of the parts you use today. We study the form, fit, and function of each part to develop improved parts that last longer, perform better, and lower your cost of ownership through refurbishment.

Our Quality Assurance

Most companies make the same standard statements about the quality but M.E.C. has a different perspective. We call it Layers of Quality. Engineering and Production Department, Product Traceability, Five-Step Cleaning Process, Stock and Delivery.

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Our Manufacturing

Over fifteen years of experience in the manufacture of semiconductor parts and sub-assemblies using advanced tooling and equipment. Complete refurbishing services to extend the useful life of process parts is also available.pictures for website 1Our Materials

M.E.C. can provide parts and assembles in plastics, aluminum quartz, graphite, ceramic, silicon, silicon carbide and other materials. All materials and suppliers undergo extensive qualification prior to joining the supply chain.

Customer Service Inquiries: jthomas@mectech.com